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Goldwing Communications
724 Young Street
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
P6C 1G3 • Canada
[email protected]
705.945.1524 (phone)
705.945.0371 (fax)

Goldwing Communications will consider any data management and website development projects on an individual basis.

Services offered:

Databases - Database construction and maintenance utilizing MySQL, Microsoft Access, or Oracle. Databases can be configured to work with a web-based front end for website utilization.

Data Warehousing - Organization of existing data into normalized database structure for long-term storage, retrieval, and searchability. Implementation of meta-data standards.

Webpage Construction - Website Development from scratch, or maintenance and upgrades to existing site structure.

Perl/PHP/CGI, ColdFusion, Javascript Programming - Web based scripting. Custom designed scripts for your site's needs and goals, or installation of pre-existing scripts.

Hosting - Website hosting and site maintenance plans available.

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