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Goldwing Communications
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CLIENTS AND PROJECTS: - Currently working on over-hauling this website for the company's new product focus. - A new website for the sale of barley bales - a safe and natural way to control the growth of algae in your pond.

Algoma Retriever Association - Small website I have recently designed for a club to which I belong.

Professionals Club 3 - Goldwing Communications has won the programming and design contract for the Professionals Club 3's website. Under tight time constraints, I was able to program the entire site (mostly Perl and MySQL) after hours and over weekends in only 6 weeks! This site is complete with a private member's area, private mail system, searchable member's profiles, and member's message board.

Ontario Research Sites Metadata Database - My newest project as an contracted employee for the Canadian Forest Service involves the design of a research sites metadata database to be used to store metadata for Forestry and Fisheries research study plots. Currently in an active design phase, the site is not yet available online. Project involves Cold Fusion, and Oracle and is developed in conjuction with the Canadian Forest Service, and ULERN. This project does not involve the contracting of Goldwing Communications, just me as an employee.

Langley Labour Day Tournament (LLDT) - I programmed an online registration system to work with LLDT's existing website. The added feature allows teams to register online, allows the registrar to receive immediate notification of a new registrant, and also saves the registrants details and registration information in a .csv file for the registrar to upload into an existing database structure.

Shaylee Golden Retrievers - The beginning of a website for a Golden Retriever breeder - to display photos and information about their breeding program. - I was recently contracted to preform maintenance updates to this website.

Canadian Forest Management Database - Ongoing development of the CFM database. Project involves Cold Fusion, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and Visual Basic, and is developed in conjuction with the Canadian Forest Service, Forest Research Partnership, and ULERN. This database is a collection of published scientific forestry research in the area of pest management. This project does not involve the contracting of Goldwing Communications, just me as an employee.

Canadian Golden Retrievers - Links to Canadian Golden Retriever Breeders, Rescue, Goods, and Canadian Golden Retriever Homepages. Site is developed with Perl and a MySQL database. This site is currently averaging 3.7 million hits a year!

Cooper's Custom Flooring - A local family run flooring business.

FortKnox Golden Retrievers - A Golden Retriever Kennel - constantly updated with new pictures, puppy info, and pedigrees

Esker Lakes '92 - Do you know any of these girls from the Toronto, Ontario area? I'm looking to reunite with some old friends.


Independent Forest Audit - a temporary site set up for Judy Sewell RPF and associates to conduct a survey and receive electronic survey results.

ForestTalk - an online Forestry Forum for the Canada's Forestry Community - in development

The Plakmaster - A plaque-mounting business in Kitchener, Ontario.

Greenbelt Farm - A family run nursery/greenhouse business near Mitchell, Ontario.

Pet Loss Forum - A Pet Loss Forum I created for a certified therapist.

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