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Lisa Verkley

My name is Lisa Verkley. On this page I will introduce myself so you have a better idea of who is behind Goldwing Communications.

In 1999, after finishing 5 years of University for my forestry degree, I was carefully evaluating what career I wanted to follow. Although I had just spent many years studying forestry, I wasn't sure I was ready to accept a full time forestry job. Forestry was the only line of work I had ever done, and I felt a nagging need to explore my options before settling on career. Web design was a hobby I enjoyed so much that I decided to give it a shot and started my own business, Goldwing Communications.

I first logged on the internet in 1994, eager to try out the 'e-mail' that I had heard so much about. Soon after, I was busy surfing around and discovering what the Internet was all about. After a few years, I decided to try programming my own personal website. Having taken a few computer programming courses in school, I found it really easy to whip together simple pages. Then I started learning new programming languages and techniques that I could use to apply to a design to increase it's effectiveness. This led me to discovering the 'dynamic' side of web designs, where I am able to hook up a database to a page increase the degree of visitor interactivity, such as adding an online discussion forum.

After a year on my own, I joined the forestry field again by combining my forestry knowledge and my computer and web programming skills by accepting a contract for the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) in Sault Ste. Marie. While working for the CFS, I drastically increased my data management skills. For the last 2.5 years, I haved worked on the creation of the Canadian Forest Management database, the Ontario Research Sites database, and now I'm beginning the creation of a new insect, disease, and climate modelling web application.

I am excited that I have a found an area of work where I can use my programming skills and my forestry degree. I continue to work during the day for the Canadian Forest Service, and after hours and weekends on contracts granted to my business, Goldwing Communications.

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